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Packages that use AbstractPiece
us.asciiroth.client.agents.npc Non-Player Characters 
us.asciiroth.client.terrain.triggers Triggers are a kind of decorator in software terms; they are a terrain that wraps and augments the behavior of any other terrain piece. 

Uses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.agents

Subclasses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.agents
 class AbstractAgent
          Abstract class for agents.
 class AbstractAnimatedAgent
          Abstract class for animated agents.
 class Asciiroth
          A boss piece.
 class Boulder
          A large rock that blocks movement onto a square.
 class Campfire
          A campfire.
 class Cephalid
          Cephalids have both a ranged and melee-based ability to turn the player to stone.
 class Corvid
          A flying agent that steals the player's selected item, then attempts to run away.
 class Farthapod
          A small bug thing that moves relatively quickly and has a good bite; farthapods will also track the player.
 class GreatOldOne
          Great old ones are indestructible and do enormous amounts of damage, but they are not super-fast and have no projectile weapon.
 class Hooloovoo
          Hooloovoos are a hyper-intelligent shade of the color blue (Douglas Adams).
 class ImmobileAgent
          An agent that cannot be moved and that is probably not animate.
 class KillerBee
          Killer bee.
 class LavaWorm
          An agent that lives and fights in lava (it should not be placed outside of lava, or it won't be able to move).
 class LightningLizard
          These are fun.
 class Optilisk
          A beholder, or floating eye, similar to Nethack.
 class Pillar
          A pillar.
 class Pusher
          A pusher is an object that moves slowly in one and only one direction on the board.
 class Rhindle
          Our first movin', fightin' agent.
 class RollingBoulder
          A large rock that rolls across the board and injures the player (or even kills the player, if he or she is trapped between the boulder and a wall or similar).
 class Sleestak
          A Sleestak from The Land of the Lost.
 class Slider
          A puzzle piece that can slide up-down or left-right when pushed.
 class Tetrite
          A creature that divides when killed through 3 generations before finally dying.
 class Thermadon
          A fire-breathing behemoth with very good range and tracking but short firing range.
 class Triffid
          A Triffid.
 class Tumbleweed
          A decorative piece that tumbles across the board in the indicated direction.

Uses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.agents.npc

Subclasses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.agents.npc
 class Archer
          An archer.
 class Commoner
 class MallocArcher
 class MallocCommoner
 class MallocNoble
          A noble.
 class MallocRifleman
          Shoots bullets.
 class MallocWizard
          Wizards are talking NPCs who are also good in combat, firing paralyzing bullets as well as fireballs.
 class Noble
          A noble.
 class NPC
          See package description.
 class Rifleman
          A rifleman shoots bullets when hostile.
 class Wizard
          Wizards are great in combat, shooting fireballs and paralyzing bullets.

Uses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.agents.trees

Subclasses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.agents.trees
 class Alder
          An alder tree.
 class Cactus
          An saguaro-style cactus tree.
 class Cypress
          A Cypress tree (whatever that is).
 class Elm
          An elm tree.
 class Fir
          A fir tree.
 class Hemlock
          A hemlock tree.
 class Maple
          A maple tree.
 class Oak
          An oak tree.
 class Spruce
          A spruce tree.
 class Stump
          When trees get set on fire they turn into stumps.
 class Tree
          Base class to identify trees by type.
 class Willow
          A willow tree.

Uses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.effects

Subclasses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.effects
 class AbstractEffect
 class EnergyCloud
          An energy field that will weaken the player.
 class Fade
          Character fading.
 class Fire
          Fire that usually comes as a side-effect of an exploding fireball.
 class Hit
          Shows when an agent has been hit.
 class InFlightItem
 class Open
          Something being smashed apart.
 class PoisonCloud
          A cloud of poison, if the player is within it, it's very, very likely he or she will become poisoned.
 class ResistancesCloud
          An energy field that will weaken the player.
 class Smash
          Something being smashed apart.

Uses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.items

Subclasses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.items
 class AbstractItem
          Abstract do-nothing implementation of an item.
 class Agentray
          When Asciiroth receives a color event, it shoot a kind of ammo that releases an agent when it explodes.
 class AmmoBow
          A bow that shoots arrows.
 class AmmoGun
          A gun that shoots bullets.
 class AmmoParalyzer
          A gun that shoots parabullets, a kind of bullet that paralyzes its target but does not kill it.
 class AmmoSling
          A sling that shoots rocks.
 class Apple
          An apple.
 class Arrow
          An arrow.
 class BlueRing
          When the blue ring is worn, the player can move through water (although not ocean...
 class Bomb
          An item that can be left on the ground that all agents will obligingly walk right into, causing an explosion that will wipe many of them out.
 class Bone
          A bone.
 class Bow
          A bow that shoots arrows.
 class Bread
          A fish.
 class Bullet
          A bullet.
 class Chalice
          An artifact from the Atari 2600 game "Adventure".
 class Chalk
          The player can use the chalk to mark ChalkedFloor terrain (and only ChalkedFloor terrain).
 class CopperPill
          A consumable item that gives the player resistance to paralysis.
 class Crowbar
          A crowbar, can be used to open crates, and can also be used as a hammer.
 class Crystal
          A crystal.
 class Dagger
          A dagger or knife.
 class EmptyHanded
          An item that represents that the player is not holding anything in particular.
 class EuclideanShard
          A component that is necessary to activate a Euclidean engine, and those are necessary to power a Euclidean Transporter.
 class Fireball
          A good old exploding fireball that does massive amounts of damage.
 class Fish
          A fish.
 class FishingPole
          A fishing pole can be used to catch fish if you stand at the water's edge and move at a fish when it is next to the shore.
 class GlassEye
          When item is wielded, the player can see secret passages.
 class GoldCoin
          A coin of the realm (any realm), made of gold.
 class GoldenHarp
          A harp.
 class Grenade
          A grenade that can be thrown and that explodes just like a fireball.
 class Gun
          A gun that shoots bullets.
 class Hammer
          A hammer (warhammer, perhaps).
 class Head
          The head of an agent.
 class Healer
          When used, this item will heal the player.
 class HelmOfTheAsciiroth
          An artifact (to me, this means there should only ever be one of these in any given scenario).
 class KelpSmoothie
          A consumable item that gives the player resistance to poisoning.
 class Key
          A door key.
 class Kiwi
          A kiwi.
 class MirrorShield
          When wielded by the player, the mirror shield reflects paralyzing ammunition like Parabullets and Stonerays (a kind of ammunition that instantly turns the target into a statue).
 class Mushroom
          Purple mushrooms heal poisoning.
 class Parabullet
          A bullet that will paralyze an agent when hit, if the agent isn't resistant to paralysis.
 class Paralyzer
          A gun that shoots parabullets, a kind of bullet that paralyzes its target but does not kill it.
 class PeachElixir
          Peach elixir makes the player resistant to stoning attacks.
 class PoisonDart
          If this dart hits the player, the player is poisoned, and cannot heal until the poisoning is removed.
 class ProteinBar
          An energy-type protein bar; if eaten, it will cure weakness.
 class PurpleMushroom
          Purple mushrooms heal poisoning.
 class RedRing
          When this ring is worn, the player can move through lava.
 class Rock
          A rock.
 class Scroll
          A scroll that will display an HTML page in a modal dialog.
 class SilverAnkh
          Just an object, with no special properties.
 class Sling
          A sling that shoots rocks.
 class SlingRock
          A rock that is used as ammunition by the sling.
 class Stoneray
          A bullet that will turn its target to stone.
 class Sword
          A sword.
 class TerminusEst
          An artifact and a very capable sword.
 class Weakray
          A form of ammo that will end with a weakness explosion.

Uses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.terrain

Subclasses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.terrain
 class AbstractTerrain
          A simple abstract adapter for the terrain interface.
 class Altar
          An altar.
 class BeeHive
          A special kind of AgentCreator that creates bees when it receives a color event, presumably fired from the death of another KillerBee on the board.
 class Boards
          Floor that has crate boards on it.
 class Bookshelf
          A bookshelf.
 class Bridge
          A bridge you can walk over.
 class BubblingLava
          A decorative terrain to spice up lava, that hopefully makes it look like the lava is "spouting".
 class Bushes
 class CaveEntrance
          A cave entrance, that acts like either up stairs or down stairs depending on whether it is outside or inside (being a cave entrance, it must be the means to move between an outside and an inside map).
 class ChalkedFloor
          Chalk converts the floor piece to the chalked floor piece.
 class Chest
          A box that can only be opened with a key of the appropriate color.
 class Cliff
          Creates a cliff-like version of the terrain where the only way to enter or exit is via another cell that contains the same apparent terrain.
 class Cloud
          White, fluffy, rectangular clouds you can walk on.
 class Crate
          A large box that can be broken open with a large hammer, to reveal an item.
 class Crevasse
          An impassable crevasse.
 class Dirt
 class Door
          A door that can be open (unlocked) or closed (locked).
 class EmptyChest
          An indicator of an opened and empty chest.
 class EuclideanEngine
          When activated, fires a color event.
 class EuclideanTransporter
          This is a special transporter that has complicated activation requirements (exactly for Euclidean Engines need to be activated on the board before this transporter will switch from the off to the on state, and allow the player to transport).
 class Exchanger
          When the player walks into an exchanger, the item the player is holding is exchanged with the piece on the other side of the exchanger.
 class FarthapodNest
          An AgentCreator specifically for Farthapods.
 class Fence
          A fence, which the player actually can't jump, but you can fire over it.
 class Field
          A field of crops.
 class FishPool
          Uncrossable water that can yield a fish, and that evolves the terrain to move this capability around any nearby water.
 class Floor
          Dungeon floor.
 class Flowers
          For my daughter, a purely decorative terrain indicating flowers.
 class ForceField
          A force field will not allow the player to pass through it while keeping any items in his or her inventory.
 class Forest
 class Fountain
          A decorative piece that looks like a fountain spouting water.
 class Gate
          A gate.
 class Haystack
          A haystack which will hide items on this cell.
 class HighRocks
          High rocks can also be traversed, but nothing can fly over them.
 class ImpassableCliffs
          Cliffs that cannot be traversed by any kind of agent.
 class KeySwitch
          A kind of switch that can only be flipped through the use of a key that matches the KeySwitch's color.
 class Lava
 class LowRocks
          These rocks can be traversed.
 class Mud
 class Ocean
 class OpeningMarker
 class Pier
          A pier that you can walk on.
 class Pit
          Impassable but items can be thrown across it.
 class PressurePlate
          This is a plate on the floor that when crossed onto or crossed off of, will trigger a color event.
 class Pylon
          A pylon is a teleporter that must be activated with a crystal of the same color.
 class PyramidWall
          A wall that can be colored, just for an effect.
 class Raft
          A raft.
 class Reflector
          A reflector is an abstract puzzle piece that has a "reflector" pointing in a given direction.
 class Rubble
          Floor that has rubble on it.
 class RustyGate
          A rusty gate that cannot be opened, but you can still shoot things through it.
 class Sand
          Sand, maybe beach, maybe desert.
 class ShallowSwamp
 class ShallowWater
          Water an agent can walk through.
 class Shooter
          A terrain type that shoots some form of ammunition (actually, it'll shoot anything...
 class Sign
          A sign that will show a message when the player walks onto it.
 class Sky
          Blue sky.
 class StairsDown
          Stairs down.
 class StairsUp
          Stairs up.
 class Surf
          Shallow ocean water that the player can traverse.
 class Swamp
 class Switch
          A switch.
 class Teleporter
          When the player enters this terrain, he or she is teleported to the indicated map and position.
 class Throne
          A throne.
 class TrashPile
          A pile of trash which will hide items on this cell.
 class Turnstile
          Creates a one-way passage to either the west or the east.
 class Urn
          A large urn that can have an item inside it.
 class VendingMachine
          Asciiroth's means of supporting shops.
 class Wall
          A wall.
 class Water
          Water that is too deep to walk across.
 class Waterfall
          A waterfall.
 class Weeds
 class WishingWell
          Wishing well.
 class WoodPiling
          A wood piling, basically the thing that holds up a pier.

Uses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.decorators

Subclasses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.decorators
 class AgentDestroyer
          When this decorator receives a color event, it destroys the agent at the given location, if there is one.
 class AgentGate
          An agent gate decorates another terrain type and changes its behavior so that all agents except the player consider that cell impassable, and will not move through it.
 class ColorRelay
          A terrain that looks like the terrain it decorates, and is for all purposes the terrain it looks like, but when it receives a color event, it triggers an event of a different color.
 class Decorator
          A base class for terrain types that can augment the behavior of another terrain, looking like that terrain but behaving differently.
 class EnergyTrapContainer
          A container (chest or crate) that is trapped and explodes when opened.
 class Equipper
          A utility terrain.
 class Flagger
          A utility terrain.
 class Messenger
          A utility terrain that shows a modal message.
 class Mimic
          A mimic looks like one kind of terrain, but is entirely another kind of terrain in behavior.
 class PieceCreator
          A utility terrain.
 class PitTrap
          A hidden pit.
 class PlayerGate
          A player gate decorates another terrain and tests to see if the player has a specific flag or item.
 class PoisonTrapContainer
          A container (chest or crate) that is trapped and explodes when opened.
 class ResistancesTrapContainer
          A container (chest or crate) that is trapped and explodes when opened.
 class SecretPassage
          A very common kind of mimic, it looks like wall but actually it's a corridor.
 class Timer
          A decorator that fires a color event periodically (you can specify how fast in frames).
 class TrapContainerBase
          A container (chest or crate) that is trapped and explodes when opened.
 class Unequipper
          A utility terrain.
 class Unflagger
          A utility terrain.
 class WinGame
          When this piece receives a color event, the player wins the game.

Uses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.grasses

Subclasses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.grasses
 class BeachGrass
          Beach grass (decorative).
 class BunchGrass
          Bunch grass (decorative).
 class Grass
          Grass that you can walk on.
 class Scrub
          Scrub (decorative).
 class SwampGrass
          Swamp grass (decorative).
 class TallGrass
          Tall grass (decorative).

Uses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.triggers

Subclasses of AbstractPiece in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.triggers
 class Trigger
          Triggers a color event when entered without any conditions.
 class TriggerIf
          Trigger that will fire if the player has a specific flag or a specific item.
 class TriggerIfNot
          Trigger that will fire unless the player has a specific flag or a specific item.
 class TriggerOnce
          A trigger that will fire a color event on the board one and only one time.
 class TriggerOnceIf
          Trigger that will fire one time, if the player has a specific flag or a specific item.
 class TriggerOnceIfNot
 class TriggerOnceOnDrop
          Trigger (once) when the specified item is dropped on this cell.
 class TriggerOnceOnPickup
          Trigger (once) when the specified item is picked up on this cell.


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