Class Chalk

  extended by us.asciiroth.client.core.AbstractPiece
      extended by us.asciiroth.client.items.AbstractItem
          extended by us.asciiroth.client.items.Chalk
All Implemented Interfaces:
Item, Piece

public class Chalk
extends AbstractItem

The player can use the chalk to mark ChalkedFloor terrain (and only ChalkedFloor terrain). Presumably this could be big help in navigating large, maze-like areas of a scenario.

Field Summary
static Serializer<Chalk> SERIALIZER
          Type serializer.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void onUse(Event event)
          The player has used the item without indicating any particular direction for use.
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Field Detail


public static final Serializer<Chalk> SERIALIZER
Type serializer.

Constructor Detail


public Chalk()

Method Detail


public void onUse(Event event)
Description copied from interface: Item
The player has used the item without indicating any particular direction for use. Even if the item has no intrinsic use, it's helpful to cancel the event with a message explaining that the item requires a direction to be useful.

Specified by:
onUse in interface Item
onUse in class AbstractItem


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