Package us.asciiroth.client.agents

Class Summary
AbstractAgent Abstract class for agents.
AbstractAnimatedAgent Abstract class for animated agents.
AgentProxy An agent decorator that can be subclassed to alter the behavior or appearance of an agent, usually for a period of time (hence the implementation of the Animated interface).
AgentUtils Function library for various movement and related algorithms.
Asciiroth A boss piece.
Boulder A large rock that blocks movement onto a square.
Campfire A campfire.
Cephalid Cephalids have both a ranged and melee-based ability to turn the player to stone.
Corvid A flying agent that steals the player's selected item, then attempts to run away.
Farthapod A small bug thing that moves relatively quickly and has a good bite; farthapods will also track the player.
GreatOldOne Great old ones are indestructible and do enormous amounts of damage, but they are not super-fast and have no projectile weapon.
Hooloovoo Hooloovoos are a hyper-intelligent shade of the color blue (Douglas Adams).
ImmobileAgent An agent that cannot be moved and that is probably not animate.
KillerBee Killer bee.
LavaWorm An agent that lives and fights in lava (it should not be placed outside of lava, or it won't be able to move).
LightningLizard These are fun.
Optilisk A beholder, or floating eye, similar to Nethack.
Paralyzed An AgentProxy decorator that renders the underlying agent paralyzed.
Pillar A pillar.
Pusher A pusher is an object that moves slowly in one and only one direction on the board.
Rhindle Our first movin', fightin' agent.
RollingBoulder A large rock that rolls across the board and injures the player (or even kills the player, if he or she is trapped between the boulder and a wall or similar).
Sleestak A Sleestak from The Land of the Lost.
Slider A puzzle piece that can slide up-down or left-right when pushed.
Statue A statue.
Targeting A parameter object that describes how an agent wants to find a target.
Tetrite A creature that divides when killed through 3 generations before finally dying.
Thermadon A fire-breathing behemoth with very good range and tracking but short firing range.
Triffid A Triffid.
Tumbleweed A decorative piece that tumbles across the board in the indicated direction.


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