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us.asciiroth.client.agents.npc Non-Player Characters 

Uses of Context in us.asciiroth.client.agents

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.agents with parameters of type Context
 void Statue.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
          On a color trigger, the statue turns into the agent it represents.
 void RollingBoulder.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Pusher.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Asciiroth.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Tumbleweed.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Triffid.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Thermadon.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Tetrite.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Statue.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Sleestak.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void RollingBoulder.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Rhindle.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Pusher.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Paralyzed.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Optilisk.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void LightningLizard.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void LavaWorm.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void KillerBee.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Hooloovoo.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void GreatOldOne.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Farthapod.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Corvid.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Cephalid.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Campfire.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Asciiroth.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void AgentProxy.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
static void AgentUtils.updateAdjacent(Context context, int range)
          The player has done something that will change perception of the adjacent cells.

Uses of Context in us.asciiroth.client.agents.npc

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.agents.npc with parameters of type Context
 void NPC.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)

Uses of Context in us.asciiroth.client.board

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.board with parameters of type Context
 void Board.fireColorEvent(Context ctx, Color color, Cell origin)
          Fire a color-related trigger across the board.

Uses of Context in us.asciiroth.client.core

Subclasses of Context in us.asciiroth.client.core
 class Event
          A game event, with the information necessary for the callbacks on the various pieces to create a meaningful response to the event.

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.core with parameters of type Context
 void AnimationProxy.frame(Context ctx)
          Execute on animation frame, for the piece at this location.
 void Terrain.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
          This terrain is adjacent to the player.
 void ColorListener.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
          Terrain has received a color event, probably related to the firing of a color event on the board.
 void Player.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Animated.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
          Animation callback, executed once each frame for each piece animated on the board.
 void Terrain.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
          This terrain is no longer adjacent to the player.
 void Item.onSelect(Context context, Cell cell)
          Notification that the user is trying to select the item.

Uses of Context in us.asciiroth.client.effects

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.effects with parameters of type Context
 void Smash.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void ResistancesCloud.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void PoisonCloud.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Open.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void InFlightItem.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Hit.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Fire.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Fade.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void EnergyCloud.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)

Uses of Context in us.asciiroth.client.items

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.items with parameters of type Context
 void TerminusEst.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void HelmOfTheAsciiroth.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Chalice.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Bomb.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void RedRing.onSelect(Context context, Cell cell)
 void GlassEye.onSelect(Context context, Cell cell)
 void BlueRing.onSelect(Context context, Cell cell)
 void AbstractItem.onSelect(Context context, Cell cell)

Uses of Context in us.asciiroth.client.terrain

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.terrain with parameters of type Context
 void Crevasse.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void Bookshelf.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void AbstractTerrain.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void Turnstile.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Shooter.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Reflector.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void ForceField.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void FarthapodNest.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Door.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void BeeHive.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Waterfall.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Turnstile.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Teleporter.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Shooter.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Pylon.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Fountain.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void ForceField.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void FishPool.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
          When off, the fish pool periodically tests to see if it should go "on".
 void EuclideanTransporter.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void EuclideanEngine.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void BubblingLava.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Crevasse.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void Bookshelf.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void AbstractTerrain.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)

Uses of Context in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.decorators

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.decorators with parameters of type Context
 void Mimic.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void DualTerrain.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void Decorator.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void TrapContainerBase.onAdjacentToInternal(Context context, Cell cell)
 void DualTerrain.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Decorator.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void WinGame.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Unflagger.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Unequipper.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void PieceCreator.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Messenger.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Flagger.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Equipper.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void ColorRelay.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void AgentDestroyer.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Timer.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Mimic.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void DualTerrain.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void Decorator.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)


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