[openbox] German translations for Openbox+ObConf

Peter Chiocchetti pch at myzel.net
Fri Oct 10 13:56:56 EDT 2003

On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 02:29:12PM +0200, Guido Schimmels wrote:
> >>
> Yes, it's from bugzilla. Some of the umlauts where broken. I don't know  
> what they where - but not UTF-8 encoded. Most of the umlauts where ok  
> though. Strange. I fixed this, added the above line to ObConf and it  
> works for me now.

it worked for me before, without the additional call to bindtextdomain,
probably, because I have de_AT at UTF-8 locale set in .profile; which
breaks all umlauts in localized gtk1 applications :)

the digraphs are broken, because bugzilla sends all text/plain iso-8859-1
encoded; I tried to set the mime-types encoding, but to no avail.
to see the text as it is meant to be, in mozilla pull down the view menu
and select utf-8 from the coding menu. is this a bug in bugzilla?

there were on one panel duplicate shortcuts, which are said should not
happen; they are not that bad, but become a list instead, so alt-a takes
you from one point to the other. I shifted the _shortcut indicator. file

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# German translation of obconf.
# Copyright (C) 2003 Ben Jansens
# This file is distributed under the same license as the obconf package.
# hungerburg <pch12 at myzel.net>, 2003.
# , fuzzy
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: obconf 1.5\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: ben at openbox.org\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2003-09-29 16:53+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2003-10-10 02:49+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Guido Schimmels <guido.schimmels at freenet.de>\n"
"Language-Team: German <gnome-de at gnome.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: src/strings.c:7
msgid "Openbox Window Preferences"
msgstr "Fenstereinstellungen"

#: src/strings.c:8
msgid "<span weight=\"bold\">Theme</span>"
msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\">Thema</span>"

#: src/strings.c:9 src/strings.c:11 src/strings.c:23 src/strings.c:25
#: src/strings.c:31 src/strings.c:34 src/strings.c:42 src/strings.c:47
#: src/strings.c:58 src/strings.c:65 src/strings.c:70 src/strings.c:72
msgid "    "
msgstr "    "

#: src/strings.c:10
msgid "<span weight=\"bold\">Window Titles</span>"
msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\">Titelleiste</span>"

#: src/strings.c:12
msgid "Button _order:"
msgstr "An_ordnung der Kn?pfe:"

#: src/strings.c:13
msgid ""
"N - The window's icon\n"
"D - The all-desktops (sticky) button\n"
"S - The shade (roll up) button\n"
"L - The label (window title)\n"
"I - The iconify (minimize) button\n"
"M - The maximize button\n"
"C - The close button"
msgstr ""
"N - Symbol des Fensters\n"
"D - Knopf zum Ankleben\n"
"S - Knopf zum Einrollen\n"
"L - Name des Fensters\n"
"I - Knopf zum Minimieren\n"
"M - Knopf zum Maximieren\n"
"C - Knopf zum Schlie?en"

#: src/strings.c:20
msgid "*"
msgstr "*"

#: src/strings.c:21
msgid "Appearance"
msgstr "Aussehen"

#: src/strings.c:22
msgid "<span weight=\"bold\">Focusing Windows</span>"
msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\">Aktivieren</span>"

#: src/strings.c:24
msgid "Focus windows when the _mouse pointer moves over them"
msgstr "Fenster _aktivieren, wenn die Maus dar?berf?hrt"

#: src/strings.c:26
msgid "_Raise windows when the mouse pointer moves over them"
msgstr "Fenster _heben, wenn die Maus dar?berf?hrt"

#: src/strings.c:27
msgid "_Delay before focusing and raising windows:"
msgstr "_Verz?gerung vor dem Aktivieren und Anheben:"

#: src/strings.c:28 src/strings.c:74
msgid "ms"
msgstr "ms"

#: src/strings.c:29
msgid "Focus _new windows when they appear"
msgstr "Aktiviere _neu ge?ffnete Fenster"

#: src/strings.c:30
msgid "<span weight=\"bold\">Placing Windows</span>"
msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\">Platzieren</span>"

#: src/strings.c:32
msgid "_Place new windows under the mouse pointer"
msgstr "Neue Fenster unter der _Maus ?ffnen"

#: src/strings.c:33
msgid "<span weight=\"bold\">Moving and Resizing Windows</span>"
msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\">Verschieben und Gr??e ?ndern</span>"

#: src/strings.c:35
msgid "Update the window c_ontents while resizing"
msgstr "Fenster_inhalt beim ?ndern der Gr??e aktualisieren"

#: src/strings.c:36
msgid "Amount of resistance against other _windows:"
msgstr "Widerstand gegen?ber anderen _Fenstern"

#: src/strings.c:37 src/strings.c:39
msgid "px"
msgstr "px"

#: src/strings.c:38
msgid "Amount of resistance against screen _edges:"
msgstr "Widerstand gegen den Rand des _Schirms"

#: src/strings.c:40
msgid "Behavior"
msgstr "Verhalten"

#: src/strings.c:41
msgid "<span weight=\"bold\">Desktops</span>"
msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\">Arbeitsfl?chen</span>"

#: src/strings.c:43
msgid "Number of _desktops: "
msgstr "_Zahl der Arbeitsfl?chen"

#: src/strings.c:44
msgid "Desktop _names:"
msgstr "_Namen der Arbeitsfl?chen"

#: src/strings.c:45
msgid "Desktops"
msgstr "Arbeitsfl?chen"

#: src/strings.c:46
msgid "<span weight=\"bold\">Position</span>"
msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\">Position</span>"

#: src/strings.c:48
msgid "_Position:"
msgstr "_Position:"

#: src/strings.c:49
msgid "Top Left"
msgstr "Oben Links"

#: src/strings.c:50
msgid "Top"
msgstr "Oben"

#: src/strings.c:51
msgid "Top Right"
msgstr "Oben Rechts"

#: src/strings.c:52
msgid "Left"
msgstr "Links"

#: src/strings.c:53
msgid "Right"
msgstr "Rechts"

#: src/strings.c:54
msgid "Bottom Left"
msgstr "Unten Links"

#: src/strings.c:55
msgid "Bottom"
msgstr "Unten"

#: src/strings.c:56
msgid "Bottom Right"
msgstr "Unten Rechts"

#: src/strings.c:57
msgid "Floating"
msgstr "Schwebend"

#: src/strings.c:59
msgid "_Floating position:"
msgstr "_Schwebende Position:"

#: src/strings.c:60
msgid "x"
msgstr "x"

#: src/strings.c:61
msgid "_Orientation: "
msgstr "_Ausrichtung: "

#: src/strings.c:62
msgid "Vertical"
msgstr "Vertikal"

#: src/strings.c:63
msgid "Horizontal"
msgstr "Horizontal"

#: src/strings.c:64
msgid "<span weight=\"bold\">Stacking</span>"
msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\">Stapeln</span>"

#: src/strings.c:66
msgid "Keep dock _above other windows"
msgstr "Dock _?ber andren Fenstern halten"

#: src/strings.c:67
msgid "A_llow dock to be both above and below windows"
msgstr "Dock darf ?ber _oder unter andren Fenstern liegen"

#: src/strings.c:68
msgid "Keep dock _below other windows"
msgstr "Dock _unter andren Fenstern halten"

#: src/strings.c:69
msgid "<span weight=\"bold\">Hiding</span>"
msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\">Verstecken</span>"

#: src/strings.c:71
msgid "_Hide off screen"
msgstr "_vom Schirm entfernen"

#: src/strings.c:73
msgid "_Delay before hiding:"
msgstr "Ver_z?gerung vor dem Verstecken:"

#: src/strings.c:75
msgid "Dock"
msgstr "Dock"

#: src/strings.c:76
msgid "About"
msgstr "Info"

#: src/strings.c:77
msgid "About ObConf"
msgstr "?ber ObConf"

#: src/strings.c:78
msgid "<span weight=\"bold\" size=\"xx-large\">ObConf 3.0</span>"
msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\" size=\"xx-large\">ObConf 3.0</span>"

#: src/strings.c:79
msgid "A preferences manager for Openbox"
msgstr "Vorlieben f?r Openbox einstellen"

#: src/strings.c:80
msgid ""
"Copyright (c) 2003 \n"
"Ben Jansens <ben at openbox.org>\n"
"Tim Riley <tr at slackzone.org>"
msgstr ""
"Copyright (c) 2003 \n"
"Ben Jansens <ben at openbox.org>\n"
"Tim Riley <tr at slackzone.org>"

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