Multiple screens not considered correctly in Openbox-3.0-rc3

Kacper Wysocki kacperw at
Fri Oct 10 02:20:47 EDT 2003

First off, thanks for the great improvement that openbox 3 is over  
openbox 2! I'm a rox user and I appreciate the shiny new standards  

The new feature in rc3, the black frame border while window cycling was  
a very nice idea indeed.

And on that note, my favorite feature in openbox sadly didn't survive  
the rewrite: multiple screens just don't work properly anymore. I have  
two screens set up to run in X without xinerama, since last time I  
checked (about a year ago) windows never positioned themselves where I  
wanted them when running xinerama. The screens are running different  
resolutions, I use mouse-follows-focus, no raise on focus (unix style).

There are a couple of problems with the current setup:
1) Openbox does not launch on the second screen.  I can't launch it  
directly on the second screen through my xsession file since openbox  
doesn't accept the --display parameter. I wrote a tiny script that  
opens a shell, sets the DISPLAY parameter to :0.1 and then launches  
openbox, and that's how I get openbox running on the second screen. I  
realise that some people with multiheaded displays and no xinerama like  
to run two different window managers, but I'd love it to at least be an  
option to run openbox automatically on the second screen.

2) When I have openbox running on the two screens there is some focus  
weirdness going on:
- When moving the mouse pointer from one screen to the other, say from  
screen 0 to screen 1, with a window focused on the screen0 and a window  
flush with the screen border on screen1 (the window is maximised, for  
example), the focus will leave the previously focused window on screen  
0, the titlebar of the window on screen1 will flicker, but it does not  
focus! To fix this I have to roll off the window and back on to it, or  
click the taskbar/frame of the window. Very confusing.

3) Dragging a window beyond the border of a screen moves the mouse to  
the other screen, but wraps the window movement. Obviously, dragging  
windows from one screen to the other isn't possible without xinerama,  
but openbox seems to be trying to!

4) When I onmouseover icons in the rox taskbar, the icon selection  
flickers (similarily to the taskbar in #2) and icon tooltips do not  
appear as they normally do. Launching a program from the taskbar  
requires two or even three clicks, instead of one. Normal behavior of  
the taskbar is restored by clicking once on the taskbar, as if giving  
it focus. It doesn't matter what layer the panel is running in.

	Kacper Wysocki

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