[openbox] Multiple screens not considered correctly in Openbox-3.0-rc3

Ben Jansens ben at orodu.net
Fri Oct 10 02:53:15 EDT 2003

On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 02:20:47AM -0400, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
> First off, thanks for the great improvement that openbox 3 is over  
> openbox 2! I'm a rox user and I appreciate the shiny new standards  
> complience.
> The new feature in rc3, the black frame border while window cycling was  
> a very nice idea indeed.

It's really stolen from metacity :) I can't take credit for it.

> And on that note, my favorite feature in openbox sadly didn't survive  
> the rewrite: multiple screens just don't work properly anymore. I have  
> two screens set up to run in X without xinerama, since last time I  
> checked (about a year ago) windows never positioned themselves where I  
> wanted them when running xinerama. The screens are running different  
> resolutions, I use mouse-follows-focus, no raise on focus (unix style).

Ya, use xinerama, there is no support for dual head in non-xinerama setups.
Changing this would be extremely non-trivial at this point so its going to
stay that way. However, take heart, Openbox is pretty smart about xinerama,
and ideas for further smartness would be appreciated.

> There are a couple of problems with the current setup:
> 1) Openbox does not launch on the second screen.  I can't launch it  
> directly on the second screen through my xsession file since openbox  
> doesn't accept the --display parameter. I wrote a tiny script that  
> opens a shell, sets the DISPLAY parameter to :0.1 and then launches  
> openbox, and that's how I get openbox running on the second screen. I  
> realise that some people with multiheaded displays and no xinerama like  
> to run two different window managers, but I'd love it to at least be an  
> option to run openbox automatically on the second screen.

Running 2 Openbox's does not work. They end up fighting over focus since
they both keep losing track of the focus (since it disappears off to the
other screen).

Sorry, you'll have to learn to love xinerama or run Openbox 2 or something.

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