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Tim Riley tr at slackzone.org
Sun Oct 5 01:39:05 EDT 2003

El dom, 05-10-2003 a las 14:54, Brett Campbell escribió:
> I've been using openbox some time now, and enjoying it very
> thoroughly.  It's a very smooth piece of work.
> But I just can't quite figure out...
> What the heck is [the] dock? 

It "swallows" dockapps (like the many Window Maker dockapps), and
appears only when such apps are running.  Otherwise, it is not visible,
simply because it is not needed.  Unless you run dockapps, you shouldn't
have to care about the dock.  Just stop caring.

One other way to see the dock is to run Ben's 'docker' program
(http://icculus.org/openbox/2/docker/), and then any of the GNOME or KDE
programs which use system tray icons.

With mustard-flavoured love,

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