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Docker - A KDE System Tray

Docker is a docking application (WindowMaker dock app) which acts as a system tray for KDE and GNOME2. It can be used to replace the panel in either environment, allowing you to have a system tray without running the KDE/GNOME panel or environment.

Window Managers

I wrote and designed Docker to work with Openbox 2, but it should work fine in any window manager that supports WindowMaker dock apps.

If you running WindowMaker or otherwise and experiencing problems, you should try using the -wmaker option to make docker keep a fixed size.

GNOME2 Icons

Docker does not require anything special in order to be a GNOME2 system tray, it should just work (provided you're not running other system trays at the same time). If you find a program it doesn't work for, please let me know!

KDE3 Icons

Docker requires a compliant window manager to handle KDE3 system tray icons. I don't know of any window managers that do this besides KWin and Openbox 2. If you know of any other window managers that support the KDE3 hints for the system tray, please let me know so I can add them to this list, and test docker out in them!

How do I get a panel applet into docker?

You don't. Docker is not designed to be a panel, and it won't hold panel applets. It is simply a system tray, for system tray icons. (See screen shot for an example of what system tray icons are.)

Screen Shot

Docker in action! (Under Openbox 2)

On the left (beside docker) is bbpager.
The applications in docker are:

  • korgac (KOrganizer icon)
  • gaim (Tray Icon plugin)
  • korn (KDE mail watcher)
  • klipper (KDE clipboard)


Docker was written by Ben Jansens. It is free software and is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.


The latest release of Docker is 1.5 and can be downloaded here: