[quake3] Quake 3 Raytracing Patch

Daniel Lord daniel at brightfire.com
Thu Mar 6 16:44:48 EST 2008

Had a few minutes on my hands so I tried it:

Error: "patch: *** malformed patch at line 10565:"

Didn't get too far ;-)


On 3/6/08, Stephan Reiter <stephan.reiter at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've fetched the latest revision of ioquake3 (1270) and embedded the
> raytracer. You can download a patch here:
> http://myfreefilehosting.com/f/129de03d75_0.08MB
> Please note the following:
> 1. Before compiling the engine go to code/renderer/rapido and compile the
> raytracing library first. Maybe someone can modify the ioquake3-makefile
> to
> take care of this automatically.
> 2. This has been tested only on a Ubuntu 64-bit system. There will most
> certainly be bugs on other platforms (I didn't come around to testing this
> on my Mac as I wanted it to get out asap), if you manage to compile it,
> that
> is ...
> 3. The raytracing library 'Rapido' is still incomplete. I've also removed
> some features that aren't required for this project.
> 4. You'll notice that several other things are still missing, e.g.
> lightmap
> support or some entity shading related things ...
> I hope I didn't forget any files when building the patch. In case you're
> experiencing problems compiling the code, please send me a message.
> Some screenshot goodness:
> http://picasaweb.google.de/stephan.reiter/IoQuake3Raytraced
> Looking forward to hearing from the brave that try this, :-)
> Stephan
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