Quake 3 Raytracing Patch

Stephan Reiter stephan.reiter at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 16:16:27 EST 2008

I've fetched the latest revision of ioquake3 (1270) and embedded the 
raytracer. You can download a patch here: 

Please note the following:
1. Before compiling the engine go to code/renderer/rapido and compile the 
raytracing library first. Maybe someone can modify the ioquake3-makefile to 
take care of this automatically.
2. This has been tested only on a Ubuntu 64-bit system. There will most 
certainly be bugs on other platforms (I didn't come around to testing this 
on my Mac as I wanted it to get out asap), if you manage to compile it, that 
is ...
3. The raytracing library 'Rapido' is still incomplete. I've also removed 
some features that aren't required for this project.
4. You'll notice that several other things are still missing, e.g. lightmap 
support or some entity shading related things ...

I hope I didn't forget any files when building the patch. In case you're 
experiencing problems compiling the code, please send me a message.

Some screenshot goodness: 

Looking forward to hearing from the brave that try this, :-)

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