[bf1942] Hotfix release time upgraded from 'soon' to 'not far off'

Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at acm.org
Fri Jul 15 12:56:02 EDT 2005

No, no, no!!  Not at EA they won't!
They fire guys like him at EA because "They don't fit in with the culture"...

At 10:51 AM 7/15/2005, you wrote:
>Shockwave, there is an opening at EA and I nominate you. More people with 
>your way of thinking would go a long way
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>>>In their defense, as a software professional myself, I can tell you that
>>>they are just trying to not lie about it.   If you ever give a customer an
>>>estimated date, they always treat it as a promised delivery date, so it's
>>>better, when possible, to be vague.
>>I am a software developer as well and we always give customers a firm date.
>>Being vague may give you wiggle room but it also sends the message that you
>>don't have a firm grasp on either the situation or your ability to deal with
>>it effectively.  The potential problem is not missing a deadline as much as
>>it is not communicating effectively with the client.  If a deadline is not
>>going to be met, the trick is to contact the client ahead of time to let
>>them know.  Too often people wait until the deadline is past before
>>commenting on the status of a given job.  That's what makes people upset.
>>There is simply no substitute for clear and precise communication between
>>involved parties.  It's too bad that those in charge of BF2 have yet to
>>learn this lesson.

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