[bf1942] A plea to Andreas

Ivo Silva ivo at war-zone.net
Thu Jul 7 20:16:04 EDT 2005

Now they are testing this server: EARS Online Lab Stats 

A non pure ranked server, new map: night_flight, version: 
1.0.2447-164.0, WTF?

Best regards,
Ivo Silva
Sales/Technical Support Executive
HighTechVision™ / War-Zone.net / G4mers.com

Kingsley Foreman wrote:

> id be happy with just one fix to fix the mem leak,
> i think there is a crashbug also but it could just be running out of 
> memory
> Kingsley
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>     Simon Garner wrote:
>>     On 8/07/2005 3:26 a.m., David Stevens wrote:
>>>     Andreas,
>>>     PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, convince EA to let you release beta
>>>     versions of the server to us.
>>>     We promise we won’t bitch about “Beta” software.
>>>     The main reason I am ticked at this server release, is it took 2
>>>     weeks to get to us..  If it would have been released to us right
>>>     away, we could have fixed the bugs and had **ANOTHER** version
>>>     by now.
>>>     Please?
>>>     -          The BF2 mailing list.
>>     I agree in principle but I expect the problem would be that the
>>     server updates often require a client update, and while they
>>     might be happy to have Dice release a beta server patch EA would
>>     not contemplate releasing beta client software to the masses.
>>     -Simon
>     I guess that would be understandable, IF EA didn't mess up the big
>     releases like they do...
>     A patch that in 50% or more people fails to install.... a server
>     that leaks 12KB/sec, a bug that is present in ALL versions of the
>     server, what the hell is wrong with the QA department?
>     On a side note in 30-06-2005, 02:17 AM, i spoted a server via ASE
>     that was Version v1.1.24*76*.0, at dice. as you can see in my
>     post: http://forums.totalbf2.com/showpost.php?p=143257&postcount=1783
>     I can only guess that if a 2476 build was even made, can only be
>     because the 2475 was not all that good....
>     I just cannot believe that a QA department on a major company like
>     EA, was not able to spot a bug that is present in all versions off
>     the server, and not only is present but also presents itself  in
>     whatever SO/kernel/hardware, and happends ALL the time, right from
>     the beginning, and we all seen EA testing this build for hours at
>     a time, in 64 man servers... did they have servers with 1TB of
>     memory and found 2/3% usage acceptable? was that the problem?
>     lol... just lol..
>     Is the EA QA department Mr.Magoo of sorfware? At least in Mr.Magoo
>     in the end it allways ended well... not true for EA.
>     Im really piessed .
>Best regards,
>Ivo Silva
>Sales/Technical Support Executive
>HighTechVision™ / War-Zone.net / G4mers.com
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