[bf1942] A plea to Andreas

Kingsley Foreman kingsley at internode.com.au
Thu Jul 7 19:04:13 EDT 2005

id be happy with just one fix to fix the mem leak,

i think there is a crashbug also but it could just be running out of memory

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  Simon Garner wrote: 
    On 8/07/2005 3:26 a.m., David Stevens wrote: 


      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, convince EA to let you release beta versions of the server to us. 

      We promise we won’t bitch about “Beta” software. 

      The main reason I am ticked at this server release, is it took 2 weeks to get to us..  If it would have been released to us right away, we could have fixed the bugs and had **ANOTHER** version by now. 


      -          The BF2 mailing list. 

    I agree in principle but I expect the problem would be that the server updates often require a client update, and while they might be happy to have Dice release a beta server patch EA would not contemplate releasing beta client software to the masses. 


  I guess that would be understandable, IF EA didn't mess up the big releases like they do...

  A patch that in 50% or more people fails to install.... a server that leaks 12KB/sec, a bug that is present in ALL versions of the server, what the hell is wrong with the QA department?

  On a side note in 30-06-2005, 02:17 AM, i spoted a server via ASE that was Version v1.1.2476.0, at dice. as you can see in my post: http://forums.totalbf2.com/showpost.php?p=143257&postcount=1783

  I can only guess that if a 2476 build was even made, can only be because the 2475 was not all that good....

  I just cannot believe that a QA department on a major company like EA, was not able to spot a bug that is present in all versions off the server, and not only is present but also presents itself  in whatever SO/kernel/hardware, and happends ALL the time, right from the beginning, and we all seen EA testing this build for hours at a time, in 64 man servers... did they have servers with 1TB of memory and found 2/3% usage acceptable? was that the problem? lol... just lol..

  Is the EA QA department Mr.Magoo of sorfware? At least in Mr.Magoo in the end it allways ended well... not true for EA.

  Im really piessed .

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