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Packages that use Effect

Uses of Effect in us.asciiroth.client.board

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.board with parameters of type Effect
 void EffectBag.add(Effect effect)
 void EffectBag.add(int index, Effect effect)
 void EffectBag.addInFlightItem(Effect effect)
          Add an in-flight item effect.
 void EffectBag.moveEffectTo(Cell next, Effect effect)
          An optimization to avoid creating animation proxies for effects.
 void EffectBag.remove(Effect effect)

Method parameters in us.asciiroth.client.board with type arguments of type Effect
 void Cell.createCloud(java.lang.Class<? extends Effect> c)

Uses of Effect in us.asciiroth.client.effects

Classes in us.asciiroth.client.effects that implement Effect
 class AbstractEffect
 class EnergyCloud
          An energy field that will weaken the player.
 class Fade
          Character fading.
 class Fire
          Fire that usually comes as a side-effect of an exploding fireball.
 class Hit
          Shows when an agent has been hit.
 class InFlightItem
 class Open
          Something being smashed apart.
 class PoisonCloud
          A cloud of poison, if the player is within it, it's very, very likely he or she will become poisoned.
 class ResistancesCloud
          An energy field that will weaken the player.
 class Smash
          Something being smashed apart.


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