Marco’s WebZone

A small but tidy place in the WorldWideWeb where I can be myself.

About me

Up and running since 1995. Got in touch with computers early on - was able to read and write when I was of age four.

Got involved with programming in the mid 2000s with Visual Basic 6. I mostly write in C now.

A hobby of mine is to polish, port and to extend existing projects - aka modding.

I had my start in developing videogame modifications for game-series such as Quake, Half-Life and Doom.


Free-software implementation of Counter-Strike 1.5

Originally known as Engoo-X11, is a port of leileilol’s Quake engine Engoo to Linux.

A research project based upon the Quake II source release. TrueColor software rasterizer included.

Sandbox modification for Quake, contains all new maps as well.

Tamagotchi inspired Dockapp, written in C using GTK+.

Vektar Quake
My attempt at designing a multiplayer gamemode for Quake. Destroy the statue! Steal the Vektar Quad! Ascend to higher grounds of mortality! Or something.

Gives you a few more commandline options to control XMMS with.

Quake Tools
Tools that allow you to edit some of Quake’s internal files easier

Past Projects

Decay: Tempus (OpenKatana)
Game-logic programmer, 3D-Modeller, level-design's Team Fortress: Invasion
3D-Modeller only, open-source clone of the Team Fortress: Invasion codebase.

Scientist Hunt HD Mappack
Textures, Media

Game-logic programmer

Go-Mod 3
Design, programming, level-design