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What is it?

The dietlibc is a portable C runtime library which aims to be as small as possible. This page is a place for my notes about linking packages against the dietlibc. My ultimate goal is getting a large subset of Distro 01-261 to work with it, especially the toolchain. When you have problems with the stuff contained on this page, please contact me and NOT the dietlibc developers.

Build script

This little script helps you to quickly compile autofoo packages on a dietlibc-system. Just install dcomp, set the variables and fire away. The script already passes common flags to configure. So far it is working with:


For other packages you are on your own.


This is a little static library where I cut and paste code from the GLibc and the uClibc to make it possible to compile certain packages which use GNU extensions or Linux specific functions. Snapshot: 20040121

Package specific info

kkrrs. Install dietlibc and dcomp, then compile libxml2 and ncurses with the above mentioned script. Now uncomment the first line of inc.mak in the kkrrs source and you are ready.


Small utilities

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