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What is the D01-261?


Mainly as a fun project for some scripts which create a good technical-oriented Linux system, I started this in summer 2002. I installed my last 4 production systems as well as countless test thingies with the current alpha-ish version of the scripts. The final deal will be a full-blown Linux distribution oriented to technical home users like myself. It consists of the package management system PM-03, an installer known as 'The Installer' as well as several custom tools and scripts to make the daily work with the system easier to do. Currently, there is a lack of documentation, the installer is in its mid-stages and the work on the tools has not even started, but the package manager and the build system are already quite usable, so I will provide snapshots for this Very Soon (tm) on this site. I will also create some documentation and a better website at some stage. In the meantime, just read this blurb every day and pray for the arrival of The Best Linux Distro Ever (tm).

2003-09-22: Version 0.1-pre0
This is the first public version of D01-261, use on production systems is not recommended. It includes more than 700 buildable packages, but you should currently only bootstrap a base system as described in doc/INSTALL. The release includes the build-logs from my latest test build.

2003-12-17: No, this is not dead. It is really progressing slow but steady and I'll try to get a new prerelease out SOON(tm). Fixed some nasty bugs, only real show-stoppers left are package updates and some bug in the depsort utility.

2004-01-20: NOO, this is still not dead. *blah* progressing *blah* steady *blah* prerelease *blah* bugs *blah*. Seriously, it will take at least one month until the next prerelease, because I have to do lots of other stuff before.

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