[quake2] console key

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Thu Mar 17 20:58:04 EST 2005

--- Anders Storsveen <wakko at generation.no> wrote:
> btw, I can only get the keymap to work correctly in glx, in glx altgr + ¨  
> is ~... in SDL I have no idea.

Try edit (or create) autoexec.cfg in mod folder (usually baseq2) with
added line:

bind    F11           "toggleconsole"

I choose F11 because no other bind is set there by default.
Original binds are in default.cfg file in pak0.pak as so:

bind    PAUSE       "pause"
bind    ESCAPE      "togglemenu"
bind    ~           "toggleconsole"
bind    `           "toggleconsole"

Adding bind of "toggleconsole" to F11 key eliminates
need to find tilde key, however try first using a 
key with tilde on it with Alt Gr key and then
pressing the space bar to create the character.

That is my best guess with information I have.
Hope it helps.


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