quake2 on the internet

Anders Storsveen wakko at generation.no
Fri Mar 18 13:38:58 EST 2005

I wanted to try to play quake2 on the internet now, but I suddenly  
realised that most servers use nocheat, and you need to use the nocheat  
client to play, the problem is that this client is probably faaaar better  
(except for the transparent console :D). My mouse didn't work at all with  
nocheat (it just moved a few pixel too every side and thats it), how the  
hell can we play on the internet when most servers need nocheat? isn't it  
possible to get some binary code or something from bryceinc (who makes  
nocheat) and make it compatible (guess it checks for wallhacks and models  
and stuff)? or possibly send the code to them so them can make it  
nocheated. Its just so sad that I cant play. Also the last update from  
bryceinc on nocheat was in 2003 !! :((

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