[quake2] console font size

M. V. mv007 at gmx.net
Sun Jan 16 09:17:59 EST 2005

Karen Pouelle schrieb:

>  --- mv007 at gmx.net wrote: 
>>Is there _any_ way to change the console font size in icculus quake2?
> ...
>>While quakeworld (quakeforge) has some -conwidth -conheight command line
>>options and while nocheat has a command "gl_scale) to easily solve that
>>problem. Quake2max also has a command "con_font_size". 
> Version 0.25 (or somewhere around there) of Quake2MaX was ported for Icculus,
> that was before the console scaling with the con_font_size. Many things have
> been added to Quake2MaX since, so my suggestion to diff the 0.25 source
> against later versions might be quite a task, but the code to add that
> feature is in there...   Comparing Quake2MaX changelogs might help you find
> it and then all you'd have to do would be to splice it in to Icculus' 1.16
> version.


unfortunately I am unable to even find the 0.25 source (or some of those 
older versions), and even if I found it, someone else would have to be 
willing to do the work (I lack knowledge and time to do something like 

Regarding the current quake2max source: There isn't even a changelog in 
there and searching through the entire source archive I only get very 
few results for "gl_scale" OR "gl_scal*" OR something like that (it's 
only in glext.h).

The 0.16 version of icculus quake2 is unusable to me, by the way - the 
mouse is totally crazy when using glx, and even with sdlgl it works 
worse than before (with 0.15).


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