[quake2] console font size

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Sun Jan 16 01:13:15 EST 2005

 --- mv007 at gmx.net wrote: 
> Hi,
> Is there _any_ way to change the console font size in icculus quake2?
> While quakeworld (quakeforge) has some -conwidth -conheight command line
> options and while nocheat has a command "gl_scale) to easily solve that
> problem. Quake2max also has a command "con_font_size". 

Version 0.25 (or somewhere around there) of Quake2MaX was ported for Icculus,
that was before the console scaling with the con_font_size. Many things have
been added to Quake2MaX since, so my suggestion to diff the 0.25 source
against later versions might be quite a task, but the code to add that
feature is in there...   Comparing Quake2MaX changelogs might help you find
it and then all you'd have to do would be to splice it in to Icculus' 1.16

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