[quake2] console font size - anybody?

Nicolai Haehnle prefect_ at gmx.net
Fri Jan 14 09:18:07 EST 2005

On Thursday 13 January 2005 19:48, Thomas J Fogal wrote:
> No worries (brendan, anyone else), I'll continue to participate.
> Despite Nicolai being so rude, he has some good points and has forced
> me to re-evaluate my knowledge for the better.

Maybe I shouldn't be so honest in the future. Anyway, I did revise my 
opinion based on your last mail, and I do apologize.

> I suspect that increasing the size of the quads necessary in rendering
> the image does not necessarily reduce the number of quads, but I don't
> really know anything about this. I'll take your word on it for now, but
> if you could explain this in more depth (off list perhaps? this is not
> really related to Q2 anymore), I'd appreciate it.

Maybe I should have explicitly mentioned that I was talking about rendering 
text. It's true that scaling a mesh does not change the number of 
primitives in the mesh. But as you have basically said yourself (see the 
overlapping characters thought): When you increase the size, in pixels, of 
characters on the screen, while keeping the resolution the same, there are 
fewer characters visible on the screen at the same time. That is all.

> I would ask you to be more specific when labeling someone as "wrong".
> I'm glad you did point it out, because I was not completely correct as
> to the reason, but it is correct to say lighting + scaling is a bad
> idea. From the OpenGL "Red Book"
> (http://fly.cc.fer.hr/~unreal/theredbook/chapter03.html):
[snip lots of quotes]

That's true, but I'd be *very* surprised if Quake 2 used OpenGL lighting 
except perhaps for mesh models. Therefore my labeling it as "wrong", 
because the scaling itself comes for free as far as vertex pipeline 
performance is concerned.

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