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qudos qudos2 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 05:11:21 EST 2005

Thanks Vincent,

No were too many changes under linux, anyway i was modifying the solaris
code at the same time, sorry i forgot to do the last changes, i did a little
change on shsolaris and also vid_so (probably these vid_so changes are
useless, but...), download the last sources again, are called 0.33-src too.

For GLX/GL extensions i think is all ok.

The most important thing i think is the Makefile.solaris, also note what all
software rendering code was removed, QuDos is only OpenGL

If you want to see the real modifications on the src tree, you must to
autoconvert the file endings to unix format, just take the 0.16.2,
uncompress anywhere, zip -r the full src and uzip -a  to anywhre, now you
are able to make a diff. Note what you must to remove some files.

Now i'm trying to figure why is crashing with Hunk_alloc on the sewer64 map


2005/12/22, coyote at cojot.name <coyote at cojot.name>:
> On Thu, 22 Dec 2005, qudos wrote:
> > Opps, the sources can be downloaded from here
> >
> > http://qudos.quakedev.com/linux/quake2/engines/QuDos
> >
> > Cheers
> Kudos,
> Give me a few days before I can get back to you. Did you modify a lot of
> stuff under src/linux ? If so, I'll have to backport the changes to
> src/solaris.. Did you use any 'new' GLX/GL extensions?
> Regards,
> Vincent
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