[quake2] Re: [evil patch] hwgamma hack for voodoo1/voodoo2

Brendan Burns brendanburns at comcast.net
Mon Dec 12 10:12:02 EST 2005

I agree with Vincent, that Voodoo cards are rarely used.  But its worth
supporting them if it doesn't break other stuff..  Here's my suggestion:

* Migrate all 3dfx related code out into its own file.
(this means removing Check3dfxGamma, Update3dfxGamma from gl_glx.c and
moving them to the newly added fx_gamma.c)

* Get rid of GL_GammaInit, add a GL_3dfxInit to fx_gamma.c

* put #ifdef V_3DFX ... #endif around all extern functions related to
3dfx in gl_glx and 

* put an #ifdef'd call to GL_3dfxInit in R_init, likewise for the Update
and Shutdown functions.

Can you revise and send a new patch?


On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 15:56 +0100, coyote at cojot.name wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, O.Sezer wrote:
> >> The diffs to the ref_gl/gl_rmain.c will break other arches (Most nostably 
> >> Solaris/Sparc)..
> > 
> > Can you explain? The only thing it does is
> > changing the order where the gamma check is
> > done.
> You're adding GL_GammaInit() to gl_rmain.c (shared by all arches) but the only 
> place where it's defined is under src/code/linux/* if I'm not mistaken.. So the 
> other arches (Solaris/IRIX) will not be able to compile ioq2 since they don't 
> have a GL_GammaInit function..
> Regards,

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