[quake2] Mouse problems (again)

coyote at cojot.name coyote at cojot.name
Tue Apr 5 11:58:04 EDT 2005

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005 brendanburns at comcast.net wrote:

> Hey I can guarantee it works on amd64 linux too ;-P


> Seriously though, thanks for keeping me honest.  I'll make sure any 
> changes I make pass through appropriate hands first...

Thanks on behalf of everyone else.. :) :)

On my own list I have:
- Make the Solaris port work with QMAX (I have abandonned the idea of 
backporting the latest QMAX, the code bases were too different).
- Resurrect the IRIX port, most likely with QMAX (Got a nice Sgi recently 
with dual V12's so that should do it).



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