[quake2] Savagame

brendanburns at comcast.net brendanburns at comcast.net
Tue Apr 5 11:20:54 EDT 2005

I think basically its figuring out what function/data pointers q2 stores in the savegame file and then doing a better job (e.g. not assuming that the pointers are correct) of linking up the saved game to the current version of quake2.    basically a lot of calls to dlsym.  I myself have not really looked at the file format that much, so a lot of the work would probably be exploration... (and documenting that exploration...)


> On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Brendan Burns wrote:
> > Yeah, although its worth pointing out that I think if it doesn't work, q2 
> > crashes...  I've heard that other versions of q2 have improved the saved file 
> > format and don't have this issue...  Adding that to this version would be a 
> > great project for someone interested in getting their feet wet in q2 
> > development (hint, hint)  Otherwise I'll put it on my (really, really long) 
> > list of things to do (write after "Graduate with PhD...")
> Mind sharing with us the list of changes you'd like to do?
> Vincent

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