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Fri Nov 21 19:08:34 EST 2003

 --- mv007 at gmx.net wrote: > 
The only problem was to find out how to disable this...
> Searching google didn't give me any kind of result.
> ... not a single mention of this variable when doing a google search!

Perhaps if icculus.org's going to redistribute this guy's code, the
instructions on the new cvars should also be included?


Even if you're an expert on all the Quake 2 cvars and console commands, if
you run a modern updated client, it's going to have additions and
modifications to them.  Not reading them because you don't know about them is
certainly not your fault - but I really suggest that it be made clear by
icculus.org that compiling the Quake2maX code requires additional media
downloads (the maxpak.pak) and additional documentation.

Also, you will realise a lot quicker that some of your complaints about the
client should be directed to the Quake2maX forum.  Even though they don't
directly support the Linux client you compiled, chances are that a problem
like this one can be solved by checking with their forums.

Honestly, Quake2maX is not the best client by far, nor is it entirely the
best looking modern client, but it is popular so you should have less trouble
finding information about it.

Hey, and I'm listed in the credits of the pdf manual, so be sure to read it!


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