[quake2] q2max: INFO AVAILABILITY

mv007 at gmx.net mv007 at gmx.net
Fri Nov 21 19:42:51 EST 2003

> Perhaps if icculus.org's going to redistribute this guy's code, the
> instructions on the new cvars should also be included?
> http://www.planetquake.com/quake2max/quake2max.pdf
> Even if you're an expert on all the Quake 2 cvars and console commands, if
> you run a modern updated client, it's going to have additions and
> modifications to them.  Not reading them because you don't know about them
> is
> certainly not your fault - but I really suggest that it be made clear by
> icculus.org that compiling the Quake2maX code requires additional media
> downloads (the maxpak.pak) and additional documentation.
> Also, you will realise a lot quicker that some of your complaints about
> the
> client should be directed to the Quake2maX forum.  Even though they don't
> directly support the Linux client you compiled, chances are that a problem
> like this one can be solved by checking with their forums.

Hi, Karen,

And thanks for the link to the manual. Yes, I read it. :)

But even in this manual, there are a lot of variables that don't exist for
my icculus quake2 - please, remember, I am not using quake2max, but indeed
icculus quake2, with the option to include maxpak.pak. Just to avoid any

There is mention of gl_stencil, which does not exist for me, and there is NO
mention of gl_shellstencil, which I had a hard time finding out about and
which finally helped me avoid the extreme lag caused by quad, invulnerability
etc. Like I said, I had to read lots and lots of articles in the quake2max
forum to finally find mention of gl_shellstencil.

Perhaps, this could be included in the "readme" instructions of icculus
quake2 as well, for people experiencing extreme lag with shells? I think, this
would help some people faced with the same problem I had.

Since I had downloaded icculus quake2, compiled it with maxpak.pak support,
I hadn't even known about such a beast as quake2max - it was only after
extended internet searches that I heard about quake2max being something different
and that I got the idea to have a look over there and to find a forum and to
read lots of articles.

This is in no way a complaint, it is just the hint of a linux and icculus
quake2 user that some vital info is very hard to find, like gl_shellstencil and
its enormous impact on playability.

thanks again

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