[quake2] q2max: quad/invulnerability cause extreme lag

mv007 at gmx.net mv007 at gmx.net
Fri Nov 21 08:28:49 EST 2003

> mv007 at gmx.netProblem:
> > Whenever in online gaming I meet a player with quad damage activated 
> > (or with invulnerability) I get *extreme* lag, my fps drop to an
> absolute 
> >  minimum, and I can't hit the other person.
> It's the shell affect, which you can disable.  Also, you might be able to

Hi, Karen,

yes, that's true. The only problem was to find out how to disable this...
Searching google didn't give me any kind of result.

Fortunately, I could solve the problem by reading through the entire
quake2max forum. Some suggestions, like setting gl_stencil to 0, didn't work,
because this variable doesn't exist for me.

To make a long story short, there are two solutions to the problem, of which
one is better than the other:
1) running XFree86 in 32 bit, which is -depth 24, instead of -depth 16
-> no more problem with shells, but the negative side is that fps are now
considerably lower for gameplay in general
So the better solution is:
2) using a variable gl_shellstencil, and setting it to "0" (instead of "1");
like I said, not a single mention of this variable when doing a google

By using 2) I can still play in 16 bit colour depth, and quad players no
longer cause lag.

Thanks for your answers, Karen and Brendan.
By the way, I don't need to use another client for onlne gaming; now it is
completely o.k. to use icculus quake2 with maxpak.pak.

Best regards

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