q2max: quad/invulnerability cause extreme lag

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Thu Nov 20 19:19:52 EST 2003

mv007 at gmx.netProblem:
> Whenever in online gaming I meet a player with quad damage activated 
> (or with invulnerability) I get *extreme* lag, my fps drop to an absolute 
>  minimum, and I can't hit the other person.

It's the shell affect, which you can disable.  Also, you might be able to
disable RScripts, which take up a lot of CPU.  Basically, Quake2maX is not
entirely optimised, so you should read the instructions (On Quake2maX's site)
and try to tweak it to some manageable level.  If you're down to 5 frames per
second, you should really try some other client for deathmatch, and save this
one for single player mission packs.

Try compiling the standard client for online deathmatch, then you can use
either at any time.

I hope that helps.


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