[quake2] More changes/comments

Brendan Burns brendanburns at attbi.com
Mon Mar 3 10:48:56 EST 2003

Responses to various mails:


diff -Naur


a Q_sinf macro is the way to go, that way it can be defined
appropriately on various systems.


definitely ought to be merged.  I suspect that they're only different
because someone took the code and went off hacking to create the CTF

Someone out there has an OS X (Cocoa) port of Quake II, if you search
on Google you'll find it, its distributed by Fruitz of the Dojo.
At one point I ported the SDL version of QuakeII to run on OS X, but
then I found the above port and I abandoned my efforts.

I merged in some of the updated graphics code from this project.  I
haven't done a particularly great job of staying in sync with it.

Just doing it:
I'd be interested in seeing your patches one way or the other.  That
way I can decide what to merge in and what to leave out.

I hope that covers everything.


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