[quake2] More changes/comments

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Mon Mar 3 13:00:16 EST 2003

>diff -Naur

I did a cvs -q diff -NR -Naur and for some reason there are 
duplicated ^Ms everywhere.  The patch is 116K ZIPped up.  Should I 
just e-mail it to you directly?

I went a bit more nuts and started overhauling CTF while trying to 
leave game/ alone as much as possible.  

One of the uglier aspects of the game code (as opposed to the engine 
code) is a complete and utter lack of consistency in naming 
conventions for functions, so when tracing through code you have no 
idea about the relative differences between, say:


I've tried to make those more consistent, and doing things like 
making functions and data static that don't need to be referenced 
outside a file, etc.

Pretty much all in the name of making the codebase easier to modify 
and understand.

>definitely ought to be merged.  I suspect that they're only
>different because someone took the code and went off hacking to
>create the CTF game.

Done.  I've downloaded and built CTF, works fine still, so don't 
think I broke anything too major =)

>OS X: Someone out there has an OS X (Cocoa) port of Quake II, if you
>search on Google you'll find it, its distributed by Fruitz of the

If this version continues to migrate, and especially if new mods are 
made, it would be nice to have an OS X build.

>Just doing it: I'd be interested in seeing your patches one way or
>the other.  That way I can decide what to merge in and what to leave

No problems there.  Just let me know where to put the patch.  The 
non-Win32 makefiles will have to be updated to reflect the change to 
q_shared, but other than that I _think_ they still compile.


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