More update

Brian Hook hook_l at
Mon Mar 3 01:29:49 EST 2003

Okay, I've decided that I'm just making the changes I want to make 
wholesale, I'm impatient =)

When the changes are done, I'll offer them up for integration, but 
failing that I'll have Ryan fork a new version for me that we can 
call Quake2X or something.

Portability is important to me, and I'm doing this for fun, which is 
why I'm not just forking it and dorking with it alone, but I also 
realize that the stuff I want to do is possibly out of the purview of 
what everyone else wants for Quake2 i.o.

So far:

- added const correctness as much as possible
- made things buffer that weren't before
- removed REF_VERITE, REF_POWERVR and REF_3DFX stuff
- removed SST_GAMMA and Glide support
- removed minidriver support
- made md4.c compile correctly on MSVC
- I've removed all IPX code from the Win32 codebase.
- removed unused #include <assert.h> statements
- added gamma support for Windows

To Do:

- integrate Lua (somehow) as a scripting language.  Some thought has 
to be put into this, including whether to use Lua 5 or Lua 4.  The 
cvar system could be moved into Lua, but that would break existing 
autoexec.cfgs, so maybe not such a good idea

The goal is to retain 100% backwards compatibility with existing Q2 
data and mods.  This means nothing is broken going forward.  But at 
the same time, allow for new mods to be written in a scripting 
language and possibly encourage external development for Q2X.


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