[quake2] Windows builds

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Sun Mar 2 13:41:40 EST 2003

>maintain a version of Quake2 which is faithful to the original
>Quake2 and works well on as many versions of Linux as possible.

Since that's all in the "game" area, that should be easy to do -- the 
engine can be modified/updated without affecting gameplay, and new 
game modifications/variations can be easily added a la ctf.  No 
worries there.

>I also think we should maintain operational software renderers since
>one of the points of linux is supporting older hardware.

Definitely.  I'm specifically talking about references to PowerVR, 
Verite and Glide.  Is it safe to trash those?

>If other people have other ideas for the code, I'd love to hear
>them. I'm also very open to other people having commit privileges to
>CVS if it encourages development.

I'm not much of a Lunix hax0r, so having me commit blindly is a bad 
idea =)

How do you like patches generated, just using the cvs diff output?


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