A second patch is needed if you do not rename the paks.

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Tue Jul 15 09:02:39 EDT 2003

"One can just contribute patches, like I do.  8-) Though CVS access would be
a lot more convenient; especially since FWIW, I cannot see much activity
going on with Q2LNX in general." - ./danfe

Now that I know how to make a patch file (the ignorant have to start
somewhere!), I can just post and get your feedback! Brendan can place the
changes into the CVS if it's determined they are valid and functional. 
There's no real need for me to add bits into the CVS.

Also, please forgive me if I'm a bit off topic or sending too many emails
right now.  I've combined two emails into one so I can reply:

A second patch is needed if you do not rename the paks.

"Thank you, but it's not enough. Something like this patch is needed as
well for pak10.pak and up to be loaded. It does look pretty sweet though. :)
PS: I can't reach 3d.kicks-ass.net right now."
--  Michel Dänzer  

This naming is a safeguard to prevent someone from blindly copying over
another pak file. My client loads pak#.pak and pak##.pak's.  Quake2maX loads
*.pak's.  I got someone to patch mine and compile it for me.  I'll locate the
code change in the source (like finding a child in the woods) and submit it
as a patch.

Until then, just rename the pak10.pak to have a single digit, usually pak0
and pak1 are already taken.  I'll eventually find the code bit that my
version was patched with and send it!  Thanks for the idea!

If I were a programer, I'd write a short installation bit that checks... 
Hmm, I can write a script and I could tar.gz it all... I update a few every
week, so I'll try to script something to make life easier.  I also need to
place info into the file so the authors can have recognition and people with
questions can refer to the retexturing forum.  If icculus.org would like to
mirror the textures, I would be thankful.

As for http://3d.kicks-ass.net/texturepaks ... I believe the IP address
changed and the DNS didn't get updated.  I'm able to connect via VPN, so the
machine is operating.  I'll look into that right now - as it does change
every few months.  Yes, that's what happened - it changed from to last night.  I've just updated; thanks for the notice!



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