[quake2] Porting latest Quake2Max to Linux

Alexey Dokuchaev danfe at nsu.ru
Tue Jul 15 08:27:33 EDT 2003

On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 03:45:47PM -0400, Karen Pouelle wrote:
> "...currently, Q2LNX lags behind Q2MAX greatly; one needs to get some rather
> ancient maxpack.pak (I think around version .40 or something) to get it
> working.  It would be great if someone boost up the work in this area (and
> Q2LNX in general; plus we haven't seen a release for quite a long time
> already ;-)"  -- ./danfe 
> That's saying a lot for non-progress, as Q2MAX is still very under-optimized
> and slow, still lacks auto-texture rescaling needed for retexturing, also. 
> It wasn't the best choice for porting to Linux, but here we are... Might as
> well start fixing the mess.
> But even I can contribute bug fixes and small improvements - just give me a
> way to update the CVS and I'll get some crayons and get right to work!  ;)

One can just contribute patches, like I do.  8-)
Though CVS access would be a lot more convenient; especially since FWIW,
I cannot see much activity going on with Q2LNX in general.


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