[quake2] Quake 2 segfault

Pedro Almeida niker at netvisao.pt
Tue Jul 1 06:33:56 EDT 2003

Marco, remember this is q2max, it's a bit different from id's quake2, as 
I noticed yesterday :)

Joshua Barney's tip for using glx driver was absolutely correct, still 
it remains kind of a mistery why using the software renderer causes 
quake to segfault :)) try it too!!

in my case:

$ artsdsp -m ./quake2 -set vid_ref glx

don't mind the artsdsp, I just have a sucky sound board <:) it is surely 
not the cause for the segfault. and to answer Brandan - yes, games using 
SDL opengl and glx, like quake3(glx) or armagetron(SDL) work flawlessly.

Thank you for everything, and keep up the great work :)


Marco Nadal wrote:

> Pedro Almeida wrote:
>> So ... does anyone have a clue about what that segfault's about? My 
>> system is similiar to the one Marco Nadal described:
>> rh9, with a few non important updates, nvidia's official drivers for 
>> AsusGeforce256DDR
>> Just trying to keep this alive <:P
>> thank you for the attention
> Thanks for that, Pedro.
> <rant>
> It's a shame running games under Linux is such a fucking mission -- it 
> will never be accepted on the desktop until that changes. I remember, 
> back in the late eightie's, PC's didn't become popular in the home 
> until they got some cool games -- the home market was dominated by 
> Atari ST and Amiga then. All you had to do then is insert the floppy 
> disk and turn on the machine. Now, on Linux, it's "search for correct 
> RPM for your distro build, find it isn't avaible, download source 
> tarball, extract, read INSTALL, attempt to compile, figure out missing 
> dependencies, download dependencies, install them, try again (rinse 
> and repeat a few times), finally compile, run it, it segfaults, spend 
> next 3 months on mailing lists asking people for help...etc. etc."
> This is supposed to be the OS that will safe the world from the 
> Microsoft monopoly? I don't think so. People often wonder how MS got 
> so big, given the lack of quality in their product. It's because the 
> alternatives are even worse.
> </rant>
> It doesn't have to stay that way, of course. One day, there'll be RPMs 
> that are install-click-on-icon-play. Until then, I'll just have to 
> play Quake2 in Windows.
> Marco

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