[quake2] Quake 2 segfault

Marco Nadal m_nadal at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jul 1 03:25:57 EDT 2003

Pedro Almeida wrote:

> So ... does anyone have a clue about what that segfault's about? My 
> system is similiar to the one Marco Nadal described:
> rh9, with a few non important updates, nvidia's official drivers for 
> AsusGeforce256DDR
> Just trying to keep this alive <:P
> thank you for the attention
Thanks for that, Pedro.

It's a shame running games under Linux is such a fucking mission -- it 
will never be accepted on the desktop until that changes. I remember, 
back in the late eightie's, PC's didn't become popular in the home until 
they got some cool games -- the home market was dominated by Atari ST 
and Amiga then. All you had to do then is insert the floppy disk and 
turn on the machine. Now, on Linux, it's "search for correct RPM for 
your distro build, find it isn't avaible, download source tarball, 
extract, read INSTALL, attempt to compile, figure out missing 
dependencies, download dependencies, install them, try again (rinse and 
repeat a few times), finally compile, run it, it segfaults, spend next 3 
months on mailing lists asking people for help...etc. etc."

This is supposed to be the OS that will safe the world from the 
Microsoft monopoly? I don't think so. People often wonder how MS got so 
big, given the lack of quality in their product. It's because the 
alternatives are even worse.

It doesn't have to stay that way, of course. One day, there'll be RPMs 
that are install-click-on-icon-play. Until then, I'll just have to play 
Quake2 in Windows.


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