Quake2-LNX in FreeBSD ports

Alexey Dokuchaev danfe at nsu.ru
Tue Jul 1 03:47:10 EDT 2003

Hello there,

Just wanted you all to know that I've made a FreeBSD port of Q2Lnx, and
it's already included in FreeBSD ports collection and will be available
as a packages for all supported architectures for next upcoming 4.9 and
5.2 releases of FreeBSD.

However, I required a bit of a patching, so people having CVS access
should probably consider merging some of them in.

For those interested, useful URL is:



P.S.  The only 2 patches that should not be included are SVGAlib
scancode fixes (those are not FreeBSD specific, but rather because our
SVGAlib in ports is hacked this way), and src::qcommon::files.c patch.

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