Mouse lag

Jakub Kamecki (MaxiGaz) mega_kafaro at
Mon Dec 15 12:58:51 EST 2003


I got quake 2 installed on my slacware 9.1 system and I vae a mouse 
issue with it. My mouse is a Samsung USB optical mouse. The lag I'm 
noticing was mentioned by some FAQs but none of the suggestions worked 
for me.

I have my mouse correctly configred in xf86config, libvga.config (imps/2 
protocol)- I didn't tweak anything else in the vga file except changing 
the accel type to normal. I also tried to input "gl_finish 1" into the 
console- nothing really works.
I tried connecting a serial noname mouse and it worked fine, but it's 
not really as accurate as the samsung one, so I would really prefer 
using the later one.
The USB mouse works great with RTCW:ET and AA. Any help would be greatly 
appreciated. Thx in advance for any help.

Regards, Jakub Kamecki

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