[quake2] Good News about the shareware data files..

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Thu Sep 5 10:10:42 EDT 2002

> 2) We do not redistribute the packaged files on -Physical- Media (a download
> is OK, storing that on your HD is OK but including that on a CD distributed
> along with a magazine is -not- OK.). No physical media re-distribution.

PLEASE make sure that there's a README in the package that explicitly
spells this out:

  1) You may NOT redistribute downloaded install packages on physical media.
  2) The source code, being GPL'd, may be redistributed by network, disc,
     sneakernet, or carrier pigeon. #1 only applies to the game data.
  3) Those wishing to repackage the game data can negotiate a deal with id

We can not be responsible for people that will download this and repackage
it, so this disclaimer needs to be there, and be clear as day. I would
also put this as a footnote at the top of gpl.txt:

"please note that the following license only applies to the game source
code. The following additional restrictions apply to the game data:


If you are using a Loki Setup installer for this, there's an option in the
XML config file to show a README/EULA at startup.

In short, please don't send id's lawyers after my server.  :)


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