[quake2] Good News about the shareware data files..

Vincent S. Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Thu Sep 5 10:22:57 EDT 2002


I think we need to put this in the main README. Also, if we put download
links on our web page, we need to put a word there. The Solaris packages
don't use loki_step but they have a provision for displaying a big license
page in the user's face/terminal.. I'll modify the package building process
in that manner tomorrow or so..

Ryan: you don't have to worry about your server as long as you don't
distribute CD's of it with the q2 data files on the CD's.

(haven't yet heard back from Id in response to my latest e-mail).

>> 2) We do not redistribute the packaged files on -Physical- Media (a
>> download is OK, storing that on your HD is OK but including that on a
>> CD distributed along with a magazine is -not- OK.). No physical media
>> re-distribution.
> PLEASE make sure that there's a README in the package that explicitly
> spells this out:
>  1) You may NOT redistribute downloaded install packages on physical
>  media. 2) The source code, being GPL'd, may be redistributed by
>  network, disc,
>     sneakernet, or carrier pigeon. #1 only applies to the game data.
>  3) Those wishing to repackage the game data can negotiate a deal with
>  id
>     software.
> We can not be responsible for people that will download this and
> repackage it, so this disclaimer needs to be there, and be clear as
> day. I would also put this as a footnote at the top of gpl.txt:
> "please note that the following license only applies to the game source
> code. The following additional restrictions apply to the game data:
>  [blah].
> "
> If you are using a Loki Setup installer for this, there's an option in
> the XML config file to show a README/EULA at startup.
> In short, please don't send id's lawyers after my server.  :)
> --ryan.

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