Good News about the shareware data files..

Vincent S. Cojot coyote at
Thu Sep 5 07:55:28 EDT 2002

Hello Guys,

I may have been more lucky than others but here goes..: I exchanged a couple
e-mails with Timothee Besset (idsoftware) today about the possibility of Id
letting us package and distribute the sharware data files (basically
baseq2/pak0.pak, baseq2/players). After getting Todd Hollenshead
(idsoftware) involved, here is what I was told:

Id will Okay to let us (icculus, probably means others too) redistribute the
shareware date files (baseq2/pak0.pak and baseq2/players/*, extracted from provided that:

1) We _NEVER_, under any circumstance -ALTER-/-MODIFY- these files in -ANY-

2) We do not redistribute the packaged files on -Physical- Media (a download
is OK, storing that on your HD is OK but including that on a CD distributed
along with a magazine is -not- OK.). No physical media re-distribution.

I've asked them to let me know if they'd let us do that for both Solaris
Quake2 and Linux Quake2 (I guess so, but I just want to make sure).

I'll keep you updated but I think this means I'll be sending 50mb worth of
Solaris package files to Brendan very soon.. :)



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