OpenGL Hard Locks

Mik Mifflin mik42 at
Thu Sep 5 05:36:04 EDT 2002

I have compiled Quake2 version 0.13.1, and in OpenGL modes, everything goes 
good for a few minutes, and then slight flickering starts or randomly appear 
(almost like random polygons), and then a second or 2 later, the machine 
hardlocks.  I'm using X version, linux kernel version 2.4.18, gcc 
version 2.95.4, and I am using a Matrox G450 on Debian 3.0.  Am I doing 
anything wrong??  Has anyone had any other problems like this before??

BTW, compiling with QMAX enabled is simply amazing (at least for the minute 
or 2 before it locks).  I can't wait to fool around with the new particle 

 - Mik Mifflin
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