Quake2 and SDL

Rene Koenig rk at fbit.de
Sun Nov 24 11:19:46 EST 2002


I have a couple of questions. Maybe someone can help me. :))

My X11 runs under 1600x1200 but my Q2 should run on a 1024x768 screen
but it donsnt do that. I must every time when i play q2 switch X11 to
Is ist posible to run Q2 in  1024x768 (SDLGL) and X11 with 1600x1200?

Ive also some problems with the Keyboard... the keymap is wrong.
I have a mixture from de and us layout. The Letter block is correct,
but the number block over it is US.
Very strange ;)

Thanks for your help and sorry for my poor english ;)

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