[quake2] Quake2 and SDL

Bobakitoo bobakitoo at qc.aira.com
Mon Nov 25 19:12:21 EST 2002

> My X11 runs under 1600x1200 but my Q2 should run on a 1024x768 screen
> but it donsnt do that. I must every time when i play q2 switch X11 to
> 1024x768.
> Is ist posible to run Q2 in  1024x768 (SDLGL) and X11 with 1600x1200?

If you whant this for all games you could disable xfree's vidmodes extention.
whit SDL, you get 1024x768 center on 1600x1200 screen. but on game
that are "badly" written, the screen may be placed on top left corner
or at worst this mode may not be avaible at all.

On the other side, if you whant this only for quake2 then the code must be

> Ive also some problems with the Keyboard... the keymap is wrong.
> I have a mixture from de and us layout. The Letter block is correct,
> but the number block over it is US.
> Very strange ;)

I've seen a patch that add diferent keymap for quake on quakesrc.org.
maby you sould try it..

I hope it help.


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