memory raster?

Sean Underwood sunderwo at
Thu May 30 23:28:47 EDT 2002

Say hi to the new guy, everyone =D

    This summer I'm going to be doing some research in computer vision 
and environment navigation, and since I have neither the time nor the 
money to make a real robot, I'll need to do the research using a 
simulation.  I'm looking at using the Linux port of the Quake 2 engine 
as a basis for the simulation.
    In order to do it, I'll need to be able to give the softaware I'll 
be working on a bitmapped image of the stuff it can see. To that end, I 
have a question:
    Do any of the display methods that the Linux Quake 2 port uses ever 
store a completed image of what the player can see in some 
easily-reachable place?


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