softsdl (or engine?) problem

Johnny Mnemonic johnny at
Tue Jun 25 07:04:30 EDT 2002

I have a great problem with the current cvs. I'm using the main quake2 binary 
(not sdl) with the softsdl renderer, but when i start playing say with the 
railgun, the shot is totally black, while everything else is normal. Also 
after a few seconds the game crashes returning me to the shell.
Unfortunately I've been lazy and my last build was Apr 3 13:29 (CET), which 
works perfectly.
I don't know if this is enough to track the problem, but I will investigate 
more. If you can tell me some date/time reference for major commits i may 
find out exactly which of them introduced this bug.

Thank you for your time.

P.S.: I couldn't find the cvs tag for release 0.12 ..?


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