Performance issue fixed, problem found

Steve paradox at
Tue Jun 25 22:51:14 EDT 2002

Hey guys;

First off, I found out one reason I was getting disappointing performance
on the Sun Ultra60 with Elite3D -- Shared memory set too low.  It was also
why Netscape was slow as hell.  Couldn't figure it out for the longest

Quake2 isn't quite yet "playably fun" on my Solaris machine, but now it's
close and is enjoyable to mess with :-D

Also, something I noticed; at the first level, I push the button to go
down the elevator.  But for some reason, QuakeII doesn't register the key
release during the load, and I go *RUNNING* out of the elevator.  I then
promptly die as I'm in the middle of a cluster of machine gunners with no

This has happened every time I've played with the sdlquake2 binary.  If I
tap the key (to send another release event) it stops me from runnig and
the game works correctly, but still it would be nice if I didn't have to
remember to do that ;-)  Anyone else have this problem?


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